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Review and outlook: Managing Director Lasse Naber, Marketing Director Martin Staacks and the designer Kilian Schindler in conversation
LN: We can look back on a successful presentation of the Concept Kitchen
at the CIKB Shanghai (China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo 2013), at which we developers, contractors (housing associations), retailers and distributors were able to generate on the Chinese market. The presentation on the Pure Village in Cologne as part of prestigious design fair IMM Cologne in January 2014 brought us an international public, not least the exhibition of the Concept Kitchen at the French design fair “Maison et Objet” in Paris, from which we received an article in the magazine “Marie Claire” and the magazine’s web TV. This is a great pleasure for us!
MS: The fair participations are fundamental for experiencing the Concept Kitchen in selected model situations. However, the continuous expansion of the Concept Kitchen dealer network through key account managers, and above all our Naber field service team is essential for the presence and immediate perceptibility of Concept Kitchen. A growing number of authorised dealers can be found in the new shop finder on the Concept Kitchen website.
Initiatives such as the exhibition at the urban design conference “Schönheit der Stadt” (beauty of the town) in Düsseldorf, organised by the “Deutschen Institut für Stadtbaukunst” (German Institute for Urban Design) at the university of applied science in Dortmund, continue to contribute to the staging of the notion of Concept Kitchen and present its diverse modes of operation. We are proud to present these ideas.

KS: The mobile furniture system of the Concept Kitchen is in a state of constant development. We are preparing new modules and other functional elements of the Concept Kitchen for presentation at the “Area30” and the design fair “100% Design” in the context of the “LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL” - both fairs are set to take place in September 2014!
MS: The interest in the Concept Kitchen is fortunately reaching an ever wider public. The first modules have already been delivered to the U.S., to a prestigious design furniture store on Broadway. The expansion of exports to the U.S. is one of our immediate goals. We also plan to participate in the design fair ICFF in New York in 2015. We are looking forward to the challenges that face us and our team!