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The new POS Style Guide is here!

Do you have free space, a display wall or a booth? The new POS Style Guide shows you the various display options for the Concept Kitchen! The combination of living room and kitchen, office and kitchen, garden and kitchen etc. is no longer just a trend, but a way of life. Try out your own personal space situation based on the numerous interior solutions illustrated and sketched. How do colours, materials and surfaces work together, how do they work when added to furniture, products and accessories from the living area? How can the “old” be successfully and aesthetically combined with the “new”? The POS Style Guide is a tool for solution-oriented consulting services. Explore construction and use, placement and decoration of the Concept Kitchen modules - discover new perspectives! n-by-Naber conceives kitchen space as an open functional concept: we are pleased to support you in your planning with our style guide! You can obtain the style guide from your local representative.