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What does n-by-Naber stand for?
n-by-Naber is the young brand of the company Naber: flexible and innovative,
reduced and functional, natural and individual. Under this brand we offer you
products with a special design claim and high functionality in the areas of kitchen,
home and living - always in the highest quality.
n-by-Naber stands for sustainability, honesty, holism - for modern living. The aim of
the brand n-by-Naber is to develop new markets and address a young audience
through an open brand image. Trendsetters, innovators and starters are reached by
n-by-Naber just as much as young people in the urban environment.
The products of n-by-Naber are accompanied by magazines, newsletters, trade fairs
and exhibitions and put into current contexts. The logo of the modern, uncomplicated
design brand n-by-Naber is characterised by the signal colour red while the lettering
of the main brand Naber is still marked with green.
n – that means news, trends, innovations.
We are delighted to welcome you to the n-by-Naber world!