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“Concept Kitchen” in the creative

The success story “Concept Kitchen” experienced a further highlight before last year was out. As one of five finalists of the “Querdenker-Awards 2015” in the category design, the kitchen accessory and interior design specialist Naber successfully joined the exclusive ranks of the creative thinkers’ community... [more]

Iconic Awards.

"Communicate good news in a way that is simple and contemporary!". With this briefing specification, creatives of the Frankfurt agency Pixelgarten and the product designer Kilian Schindler have realised a modern communication... [more]

Simply different
to the others!  

As a star chef he needs no glamor or show effects to demonstrate his professional skills. In the midst of the local nature, on his outdoor tour with Concept Kitchen, Sören Anders celebrates authentic regional cuisine at its finest. [more]

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n-paper magazin

The Tolix DNA: bulky, angular, smart.

Why is Kilian Schindler’s Naber Concept Kitchen manufactured by Tolix, the French specialists for steel furniture? And why does this team promise to deliver such a great design and longevity? On the lightness of metal, the use of authentic... [more]

»The starting point: considerations of the structure of our lives.«

Together with Naber, the Nordhorn-based family company specializing in kitchen accessories, Bureau Kilian Schindler has developed... [more]

Like salt and pepper.

Ingrid and Hans-Joachim Naber are a highly enterprising team—and not just in the kitchen. Since 1975, these two avid collectors of everyday art and carvings from the Erz Mountains and Memphis Design have been running Naber GmbH. Hans-Joachim is the chief developer and creative brains behind the outfit, while Ingrid, as manager... [more]